David + Jessica

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“I was 16 and David was 18. I am a Coonamble girl, and David was a Baradine boy. We both met at a party 11 years ago. I was never going to go, but I ended up going with a friend. As soon as we saw each other, we did lock eyes, but I didn’t think anything of it. David, on the other hand, thought it was love at first sight. I remember he followed me around all night, trying to get my attention. As I was leaving, he ran out to me and asked for my number, and I did give it to him.

As time went on, we talked to each other, and then we fell in love. We have always been very close. Ever since that night, we have never been apart from each other. We have bought a house together in 2010, and now we have 3 beautiful children. Meeting David was the best thing that has ever happened to me.

My first impression of David was a really good one. He is the most loving, kindest person you will ever meet and I’m so lucky I can call him my husband.” -Jess

“My first impression of Jess was that she was very beautiful and that I was going to make her my wife one day.” -David


“David and I got engaged in Forster 2016 at Cape Hawke lookout. It was the most beautiful place to be asked. He always said he wanted to wait for the perfect place to ask me. I had no idea that he was going to propose. We were both very happy and I was relieved it finally happened.”


“Our wedding day was a very special day for David and I. We had a smaller wedding with just our family and closest friends that meant a lot to us. We had our wedding at my mum and stepdad Leon’s house. We haven’t had any rain, but with the effort from them both, we had beautiful green grass and flowers. It was a really hot day, but everyone pulled through it. Our most memorable part for both of us was seeing each other for the first time, saying “I do” and becoming husband and wife.”

Wedding Date

03 November 2018

Wedding Venue
  • Coonamble Bowling Club NSW
Key Suppliers
  • Wedding Photography & Cinema: MMG Photo + Cinema
  • Wedding dresses: The Wedding Shoppe
  • Jewellery: Wallace Bishop
  • Flowers: Denise’s Flower Studio