Andrew + Paige

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View their story album by clicking the right arrow.


“We met through our previous workplace. We worked together for about a year and a half, we became good friends and learnt so much about each other, and that’s when we realised we were soulmates.”

“When I was first introduced to Andrew, he was asked to sit next to me at our workplace, and I was grumpy and told him he stunk. I told him his phone manner was appalling. But from then on, we just connected.” -Paige

“My first impression of Paige was ‘This chick hates me’ Haha!” -Andrew


“It was the day of our gender reveal for the little babe we were having. We had just found out we were having a baby girl when Andrew said ‘Let’s just do a speech to thank everyone for coming.’  I basically stepped aside because public speaking wasn’t my thing. And just when I thought he was thanking everyone, he got down on one knee and asked ‘Will you marry me?’  I stood in shock for a good solid 5 minutes before answering! Haha!” -Paige


“As a bride, I was nervous. I stressed and overreacted at times. I was stressed especially when I knew I was running late because unbeknown to our guests who thought it was our engagement, I was arriving for our wedding.

Andrew handled all the guests and the questions from everyone so well. But there came a point where he too began to worry about where I was!  We got there in the end.

Our ceremony was perfect. We had just started, and it started sprinkling. Andrew looked at me, and I whispered ‘We aren’t moving.’ As soon as we had said our vows, the most beautiful sunshine shone down on us.  And at that moment, we both just knew that this is the beginning of our forever life together.

To be honest, the day went so quick. It was over like that. But looking back on my photos, it truly is special how much goes into a wedding and how each and every person you invite plays their part to make this so memorable.”

Wedding Date

08 September 2018

Wedding Venue
  • Lake Macquarie Yacht Club Belmont NSW
Key Suppliers
  • Wedding Photography: MMG Photo + Cinema
  • Wedding Dress: Lily Grace Bridal